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Since 2004, we have always believed that the best natural soaps require the best natural ingredients. Falls River Soap Company does not use any synthetic fragrances, colorants, or preservatives in any of our all natural soaps. All of our fragrances are pure essential oils (plant extracts); our colorants are derived from herbs and other natural sources (like fruit or vegetable extracts); and our preservatives are plant extracts. For people dealing with sensitive skin or allergies associated with the various synthetic additives found in commercial soaps, you may find that choosing all-natural soaps made with organic ingredients to help prevent skin irritation and other common symptoms of allergies. On these pages, you will find some of our most popular all natural soaps for sale. From Avocado Soap with Jasmine Oil to White Tea and Ginger, we are always trying new creative and colorful combinations to create the best natural soaps available anywhere at any price. Also, we thought you might like to know that some of our favorite new soap combinations come from the creative minds of our customers. So if you have any ideas for all natural soaps you think people would love, please take a moment and drop us a note.

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