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Pet Shampoo Bar (3.5Oz)-Flea and Tick prevention for dogs and cats

$7.25 $9
Flea and Tick prevention for dogs and cats - Pet Shampoo Bar (3.5Oz)-Natural Handmade Organic Vegan- Cat and Dog flea and tick control by Falls River Soap Company
  • Your Pet's Best Friend - GENTLE & SAFE- All Natural, Handmade, Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, soothing
  • Natural FLEA and TICK TREATMENT that WORKS - Flea and Tick Control - The Essential Oils added help the eternal battle against fleas, ticks and any insect determined to take a ride
  • ELIMINATES THE WORST ODORS FAST- Skunk spray, roadkill, poison oak/ivy, swimming in contaminated waters, urine and litter box odor, bacteria, fish odors
  • EASY TO USE: BUBBLY LATHER IN SECONDS- Naturally moisturizing the mild soap with generous lather pampers your pet with tender loving care
  • Excellent moisturizer and emollient, it’s antimicrobial properties - The Aloe Vera Butter in the bar has wonderful benefits for your pet’s skin and fur

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