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Coffee Scrub Soap Bar (4Oz) - made with Fresh Brewed Coffee

$6.95 $9
Coffee Scrub Soap Bar (4Oz) with Cocoa and Turkish Mocha fragrance, sensitive skin treatment, Natural Handmade Soap– by Falls River Soap Company
  • Exfoliate and acts as an alternate sunscreen remedy. Eliminates odors, use as shampoo- Completely Handmade
  • Key ingredients - Fresh Brewed Coffee, Cocoa, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil with Natural Glycerin. Compare ingredients with popular mass-produced soaps and you will know what is best for your skin
  • Cold Processed soap, so it is made at low temperature and cured over 60 days to keep ingredients effective yet gentle to the skin
  • Extremely effective Face and Body soap. This is an extremely effective soap so users do not use excessively. It has a very moisturizing lather and after effect so in most cases, you may not need to apply any lotion after face wash
  • For issues like soap does not wash off quickly from your skin, soap getting too soft or disintegrating, fragrance issues or any allergies please reach out to us and we can help solve the problem

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