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Luffa Soap Bar (4.5oz) - Lavender - Exfoliating Soap, Handmade Glycerin soap

$8.95 $10
Luffa Soap Bar (4.5oz) - Lavender - Exfoliating Soap, Handmade Glycerin soap - Falls River Soap
  • SOFTENS & POLISHES SKIN –Infused with essential oils and other natural cleansing ingredients to help soften skin and nourish body and soul. Refresh, renew and glow!
  • NATURAL EXFOLIATING – With natural luffa sponge embedded into the soap, gently exfoliates without damaging the skin. Amazingly improves the look and feel of your skin, and clears skin of bacteria and dirt by exfoliating skin from dead skin cells and bacteria. Gently cleanses, polishes and buffs your skin and body as you bath or shower
  • GENTLE CLEANSING – Powerful cleansing yet suitable for the most sensitive skins; suitable for use on face and entire body. Deeply yet gently cleanses pores by absorbing excess oils, draws out impurities and promotes circulation. Removes dead skin cells and encourages fresh skin cell formation
  • RICH MOISTURIZING – Cleanse and nourish entire skin and body, without stripping its natural oils

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