How to Use Bar Shampoo

You may be considering switching to a shampoo bar.  Here are some things to consider on how to use bar shampoo.  There are always new products coming out to improve people’s hygiene and make them look and feel better than before. Much as shaving butter is becoming a trendy alternative to shaving foam there is now an alternative to the mass-produced, chemical filled shampoos that fill the supermarket shelves. Bar Shampoos are being produced by small companies seeking to give people a more natural, healthier alternative to hair care. No longer damaging your hair with endless exposer to all sorts of unhealthy chemicals and altering the oil production of your scalp. The biggest trick with shampoo bars is dealing with the transition from the supermarket shampoo and the changes you’ll experience as your hair and scalp begin to recover from the damage that has been done to them for all these years.  We’ll explore how to use bar shampoo and make a smooth transition.

Bar Shampoo LatherBar Shampoo

Now you’ll likely understand how to properly lather up and apply the shampoo bar, but the odd feeling you’ll be getting from your scalp and hair might make you question if you really know how to use a bar shampoo. This odd feeling is merely the recovery process as your body figures out how to properly regulate how much oil your scalp should produce now that you’re not having shampoo constantly strip away the natural oils your scalp generates. It’s possible your hair could end up feeling heavy or greasy as your scalp overproduces oil, or it could become dry due to an underproduction of oil, or you could have wild swings between both. All of this is natural and while sometimes it can take your scalp a month to recover it’s very likely your scalp and hair will have completely adjusted to the change within a couple of weeks.

Finding the Right Bar Shampoo

You might be used to finding hair care products that tell you they are for dry scalps or oily scalps and you figure that the shampoo soaps are the same and you’ll just be able to grab the right bar and go. The fact is that hair is really unique and there isn’t a one size fits all approach to crafting the right shampoo bar for a person. Your best course of action is to buy a few different shampoo bars with different recipes and try each of them to get a feel for how your scalp reacts to them. It’s even possible that during different seasons your hair will react differently to the same bar shampoo and you’ll have to switch up the bars you use as the temperature dips and rises from season to season.

Healthy Hair

Once you’ve gotten used to your bar shampoo you’ll find the need to wash your hair daily will have faded away. Your scalp and hair will no longer be constantly stripped of their natural oils and be allowed to be healthy again. You’ll want to find a safe place in your bathroom for your shampoo bar to dry completely before using it again. Finding a good container, soap shelf or soap stand that allows your bar shampoo to dry out fully will go a long way to allowing you to get the most out of your bar shampoo.