White Tea and Ginger Soap: Ancient Chinese Secret

Our White Tea and Ginger Soap has all the fixings of a lovely cup of tea but in soap form.  The Chinese have long relied on natural medicine as a remedy for nearly anything. If you talk to an old-school Chinese herbalist, they’ll tell you that a good cup of the right tea can cure nearly anything. Well, the same concept applies to your skin. A good natural soap with the right herbs and botanicals can help your skin immensely. With our White Tea and Ginger Soap, your skin gets the direct health boost of white tea, ginger, and natural rice bran oil. Falls River Soap has tapped into the Chinese culture to create this gorgeous soap with lots of great uses.

White Tea and Ginger SoapWhy White Tea?


You may be wondering why we’ve chosen white tea for our White Tea and Ginger Soap as opposed to green tea. After all, green tea seems to be the poster child for cure-all teas. Recent studies are showing that white tea may, in fact, be better for the skin than it’s green relative. It’s quite protective of the skin. Its benefits include wrinkle and UV damage prevention. It does this by stopping the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. This keeps cells looking young and full. It’s polyphenols and flavonoids, which give it its great taste, can work to boost your skin cell immunity, too. Fair warning though: your body will absorb some of the tea’s caffeine through your skin, so be ready for a skin and energy boost after washing with our white tea and ginger soap!


Another Ancient Herb for Skin Health

Ginger is the perfect complement to white tea. Not only flavor wise, but skin benefit wise. Just like the tea, ginger is full of antioxidants. These work to increase blood flow to the skin and can help improve complexion. They can also fight the signs of aging and improve skin’s elasticity. We’ve added two forms of this skin-loving ingredient to our white tea and ginger soap: ginger essential oil and candied ginger. The essential oil gives you the great antioxidant benefits, while the candied ginger works with the white tea leaves to give a gentle and aromatic exfoliation.


Rice Bran Oil for Nourished Skin

Rice is the staple of the Chinese diet, but it is also a staple of our natural soaps. Like all the other main ingredients in this soap, rice bran oil is purported to have anti-aging benefits. It has Vitamins B and E, which help to rebuild the skin. They’re highly emollient, which means they help protect the skin from future damage. The fatty acids in this rice extract make our white tea and ginger soap effective and gently moisturizing to the skin.

How to Make the Most of the White Tea and Ginger Soap Scent

The biggest benefit of our white tea and ginger soap is without a doubt it’s skin rejuvenation ability. But another part of this ginger soap that strikes most people is the amazing scent. People pay big bucks for candles scented like ginger and tea. It’s one of the most popular candle scents at retail stores. This soap has an amazing aroma that’s all natural. It’s no doubt refreshing during your shower or bath, but there are some other ways to get the fresh, clean scent of our white tea and ginger soap throughout your house. Here are a few suggestions.


Make a Room Smell Better

You can use our white tea and ginger soap to make a sort of potpourri for any room in your home. Simply grate our white tea and ginger soap into a small dish and add any extra ingredients that you want. Some suggestions are extra candied ginger, extra essential oils, or even dried orange peels. This concept works best in smaller rooms like bathrooms or bedrooms, but a bigger dish of potpourri would work just fine in a bigger room. Putting the container near an air vent will help to circulate the scent.


Keep Linens Smelling Fresh

Nobody wants to use linens or towels that smell like an old, musty cupboard or drawer. A simple way to make them smell fresh and appealing is to add a small piece of our white tea and ginger soap between layers of towels or linens wherever you store them. You can cut our large soap bar into smaller pieces and wrap them lightly in cotton gauze or very thin muslin. Then place them with your linens and be surprised by how fresh they smell every time you use them.


Give Your Car a Clean Scent

For some strange reason, cars seem to accumulate all of the wrong smells. Each trip in the car contains the ghosts of scents past, like fast food or soccer practice. Our natural white tea and ginger soap can help with that. Each time you use our ginger soap, you’ll end up with an awkward scrap at the end. Save these scraps in a small mesh bag. When you’ve accumulated a few, hang the mesh bag of soap in your car. You’ll smell the refreshing scent of white tea and ginger during every ride.


An Effective Natural Soap

White Tea and Ginger Soap.  No matter how you use our soap, you will be happy with the results. We know that your skin will love our soap. It’s both gentle and effective because it’s handmade with only natural ingredients. We never add preservatives or chemicals because we want to be kind to your skin and the environment. Our White Tea and Ginger Soap has the ability to help rejuvenate and invigorate your skin with anti-aging powers and a warm, welcoming scent. Try our fantastic white tea soap today and capture the secrets of the Orient for your skin.