Red Rose Goat Milk Soap

In honor of Valentine’s day, Falls River Soap Company has created a Goat Milk Soap poem for you:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Our Goat Soap is wonderful,

And your skin will be too!

Goat Milk SoapAll joking aside, we love our Red Rose Goat Milk Soap. Whether you want to show somebody how much you love them, or even just give yourself a little pampering, our rose soap makes the perfect Valentine gift. You can buy a bar or two and tie a bow on it for a perfect gift. The soap itself is beautiful and beneficial! If you want to get a little more creative, here are some ideas to help you gift your sweetheart (or yourself!) with our luxurious Red Rose Goat Milk Soap.

A Rosy-Hued Gift Basket

Nothing screams Valentine’s Day quite like the combo of pink and red. Let that be the inspiration for a gift basket starring our Red Rose Goat Milk Soap. Our goat milk soap contains rose clay to give it that pinkish hue, so it fits right in with this basket. This clay helps absorb toxins from the skin to detoxify it, while gently exfoliating and adding moisture. Keep the contents of your basket natural to complement the effects of our rose goat milk soap.

Find yourself a cute, small basket at your local craft store and place some pink or red shredded paper in the bottom. Insert our rose goat milk soap and a pink loofah or sponge. Look around your natural grocery store for more inspiration. Perhaps some red or pink natural lip balm or some extra rose essential oil would be a good addition. Maybe even some pink colored tea or some red snacks, like apples or pomegranates. How about some fresh flowers like roses or carnations? And of course, don’t forget to add some red colored candy or wrapped chocolates. This will give that special person everything they need to have a relaxing and pampered Valentine’s Day.

An At-Home Spa Session

If you would like to get more hands-on in creating your gift, then this next idea is for you. You can create a spa session at home for that special someone. Our goat milk soap is just the thing for this Valentine gift. We’ve created a luxurious soap with an extra creamy texture using Goat’s Milk. Along with olive oil and coconut oil, it creates the base for our skin-loving goat milk soap. It will create an extra-creamy lather that’s great for relaxing baths. Plus, the soothing scent of fresh red roses is romantic and therapeutic. The English Rose essential oil in our handmade goat milk soap is good for your skin too because it’s anti-inflammatory and helps other products penetrate the skin better.

To create the spa session for your love, create a hot bath using our goat milk soap. Just shred a big handful of rose soap into the bathtub and gently stir to dissolve in the water. Add some fresh rose petals to the bath for extra oomph. Light candles and put on some romantic music. Then just let your sweetheart relax and enjoy the spa experience. Promise you’ll clean up the bathroom after and you may just earn some extra brownie points.

Candy-Inspired Goodies

For a more family and friend favorable Valentine gift, try remolding our soaps for a cute gift. All you need do is find a heart-shaped silicone mold at your local craft store. Then, place a shredded bar of our goat milk soap into a double boiler and melt the soap to a pourable consistency. Pour into the mold and let set for 24 hours before removing. You’ll be left with cute little heart soaps that make great gifts. If you feel creative, you can carve designs or messages into your soaps a la conversation hearts candy.

This soap could be cute for kid’s valentine's gifts at school. Because of the full fat, organic goat milk, this soap is gentle for kids and great for sensitive skin. Don’t be limited to just the kiddos, though. The goat milk has alpha-hydroxy acids, which work to remove any dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This goat milk soap is a great natural cleanser with anti-aging properties that anyone with mature skin could appreciate. Either way, the recipient of your adorable gift will enjoy nourished and hydrated skin.

Our Luxurious Goat Milk Soap

This handmade goat milk soap contains goat milk and rose for an opulent clean. It’s both nourishing and romantic all at once. The rose works to open the pores so that the goat milk can clean and hydrate. The natural oils and glycerin hydrate, repair, and protect the skin. The result is younger, brighter, fresher skin. When you give your loved one our soaps, you give the gift of pure and natural skin care. There’s no chemicals, preservatives, or irritants hiding in our soap. Just good ingredients that make our cold-processed soap effective and lovely. Give the gift of beautiful skin today and try our Red Rose Goat Milk Soap. It’s better than any gift from the grocery store.