Get Your Pet Flea Free

Getting your pet flea free is critical.  Fleas are one of the worst problems a pet owner can have. Knowing your pet is suffering from having these blood-sucking parasites on their skin is bad, but it can get even worse if the fleas get out of hand and start going after you and your family. Flea infestations can end up being a costly and time-consuming issue to deal with so taking care of the situation before it becomes a huge problem is a smart idea. Here are some tips such as bathing your pet, seeing a vet and anti-flea medication, to help you get your pet flea free and feeling good.

Flea Prevention

First, if your pet has a flea problem that’s severe you should see a vet have them handle it professionally. Have a professional take care of your pet at the start to make sure that your pet is completely flea free and then you can be the one that’ll handle the upkeep of your pet after that. Once your furry four-legged friend has been returned from the vet it’s going to be on you to be the one that does everything to stick to the plan that will make sure your pet isn’t spending its days scratching itself crazy trying to deal with another bout of flees.

Flea Medication

Giving your pet anti-flea medication is an important part of the process. This is one of the key pieces of a regiment that will deflea your pet. Then you’ll need to get to work on giving your pet a bath every so often. Check with your vet for learning what a good schedule for baths is so you’ll know exactly when to bathe your pet. Bathing your pet is a vital way of keeping its coat healthy and its skin clean. You’ll want to adhere to your vet’s schedule for baths to make sure the fleas don’t come back to pester your pet.

Bathing Your Pet

When bathing your pet you’ll want to make sure you’re using a healthy, all natural product that is safe for their fur and their skin. You want to know that the product has been made in an ethical manner with no testing done on animals. You want a natural pet shampoo bar that will lather easy and make the task of giving your pet a bath easy and almost fun (unless they really hate water then you’re just hoping to survive the ordeal and get it over with as quickly as possible). You’re going to be looking for a well-made product you can feel good about buying.

Pet Shampoo

Falls River Soap Company makes a great product for pets with its artisan soap bars. These bars use all natural products that are made in a cold process to maintain the cleaning properties of the oils in the soap. The soap is also cured in a six-week process that makes it gentle to the pet’s coat and their skin. This is a soap made by a company you can feel good buying from. We do everything in an ethical and transparent manner and are seeking only the best for you and your pet. We are a great ally in your fight against fleas.