Himalayan Pink Salt Soap is a Natural Inspiration


Everest was the inspiration for our Himalayan Pink Salt Bar Soap with Rose here at Falls River Soap, handmade soap company. Mt. Everest springs from the Himalayas, which are the tallest mountains on Earth. Surprisingly, these massive peaks were once at the bottom of a prehistoric salt ocean. Fast forward to present day- the colossal ocean has evaporated and the Himalayas are left with all of the minerals, salts, and silts that once sustained the abundant ocean life. Not only do our handcrafted Himalayan Pink Salt Soap bars have pristine peaks of real Himalayan pink salt atop mountains of charcoal, clay, and essential oils, but their powerful ingredients have the ability to help tackle Everest-sized skin problems.




Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

Why the Unique Combination?


We knew we wanted the Himalayan pink salt soap to be a star in our offering.  After all, salt makes for an amazing beauty product. It’s been used for detoxifying and relaxing baths, exfoliating scrubs, cleansing wash for wounds or irritated skin, and facial toner for a better complexion. With so many amazing uses, we wondered: how can we make the best of all these uses? That’s when the answer hit us. We knew we needed to combine the pink Himalayan salt with ingredients that would complement it to create a powerful cleansing Himalayan Pink Salt Soap for the face and body. We chose the following ingredients from all over the world for the perfect cleansing soap:


  • Charcoal: This natural substance works by adsorption, that is, attracting dirt and toxins from the skin to itself. It’s also a gentle exfoliator. Utilized in our Himalayan Pink Salt Soap, this helps to treat acne, clarify and tighten the pores, prevent skin aging, and treat psoriasis and dermatitis.


  • Rose Clay: This type of Kaolin clay is loaded with iron oxides that give the clay its rosy hue. It cleanses, exfoliates, draws out impurities, increases circulation, and draws out dirt and oils from the pores.  An effective ingredient in the Himalayan Pink Salt Soap.


  • Red Brazilian Clay: This is another red-colored detoxifying clay that is high in iron. It draws out impurities while making the skin softer. In the Himalayan Pink Salt Soap, it helps increase skin elasticity and is said to have a lifting effect on aging skin.


  • English Rose: This gorgeous flower has the ability to help increase the permeability of the skin, making it easier for skincare products to work at the skin’s inner level. Plus, it’s strongly antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it can help treat acne and breakouts. The floral aroma helps fight depression and anxiety.


  • Mandarin Essential Oil: This mild citrus oil is great for treating acne. Added to our Himalayan Pink Salt Soap, it’s antibacterial to help get rid of troublesome microbes and fungus. It also works to lighten scars and dark spots, while leaving a pleasant scent that can reduce pain, anxiety, and nausea.


After reading about each ingredient, it’s easy to see the pattern. These ingredients make our pink Himalayan Pink Salt Soap effective by exfoliating, drawing out impurities, cleansing the pores of dirt and oil, and depositing minerals, essential oils, and natural glycerin (formed during cold-process soap making) to fight future problems and gently moisturize.

Facial Uses for Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

Since many of our ingredients are good acne fighters and pore cleansers, this soap would clearly make a great facial cleanser. You can use our Himalayan Pink Salt Soap two ways: in its bar form or in a homemade face wash. If you prefer to use the Himalayan Pink Salt Soap bar as is, you can grab a washcloth and wash your face as normal. You may even wish to cut the Himalayan soap bar into slivers or small cubes to make facial application easier.

If you want to make a homemade face wash, it’s quite simple and makes putting the Himalayan Pink Salt Soap on your face a bit easier. Grate our salt soap bar until you have ¼ cup of soap shavings (make sure to pick half that contains both pink and black parts to ensure that you’re getting all the ingredients!). Place the shavings into a small saucepan a mix with about 1 and ½ cups of warm water. Heat the soap and water on low until the soap is dissolved. Let the mixture cool to room temperature, gently stir with a spoon, and pour the face wash into a container with a pump or dispenser. If you want a more silky texture for your face wash, you can add a small amount of vegetable glycerin during the dissolving process to achieve the desired texture.

Body Uses Himalayan Pink Salt Soap

If you have dry, flaky, or irritated skin, this soap can help you remedy those problems. The best way to reap our Himalayan Pink Salt Soap benefits for your body is in the bath or a hot shower. This will allow your pores to open up prior to use, which maximizes the effectiveness of the exfoliants and toxin-drawing clays and charcoals. Make sure your bath or shower is hot enough to tolerate while being warm enough to create a steamy atmosphere that opens the pores. Bathe or rinse for a few minutes before lathering the Himalayan Pink Salt Soap on the entire body. Make sure to lather more thickly on the skin areas that need more TLC. Rinse and dry gently and your skin should see some healthy improvement!

Himalayan Pink Salt Soap Benefits

You don’t have to use a charcoal wash AND a clay face mask AND a salt bath to get all the benefits these ingredients have to offer. Our Himalayan Pink Salt Soap Bar with Rose has wrapped all these benefits into one great soap bar. It will gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin while drawing out impurities. The salts and clays will help to add moisture and minerals back into the skin. Our natural glycerin and oils will provide additional skin moisture and protection.

We use only pure ingredients that come straight from nature. We don’t include any type of preservative or chemical. Our products are high-quality and organic to give you the most of nature’s natural healing agents. We handmake each soap bar and age it to perfection. We think you’ll love our Himalayan pink salt soap. If you want a natural way to draw out toxins and treat acne or skin problems, try a bar today.