Hand and Body Lotion with Jojoba Oil

A great natural lotion can give you the softest, smoothest, and most hydrated skin you’ve ever had. With the right formula, it leaves no creamy or greasy residue. When ingredients are hand-picked for their ability to penetrate the skin to help add moisture and promote healthy new cell growth, it can have benefits for the entire body. It can help heal dry, cracked hands, feet, and skin. Plus, for those prone to skin irritation, natural ingredients can help to soothe and prevent irritation or redness. 

Hand and Body LotionFalls River Soap Company has worked hard to create our Hand and Body Lotion with Jojoba Oil. We sought to give our customers the greatest benefits from natural ingredients.You’ll be astonished by how healthy your skin will be after using a great natural lotion. Read on to find out what makes our lotion so great.

Jojoba Oil’s Great Benefits

The biggest challenge we face in making a hand and body lotion is finding a non-greasy formula. That’s where Jojoba oil comes in. It’s actually a wax that comes from the Jojoba nut, a nut that has long been used by native tribes for it’s healing properties. Because it isn’t an oil, it makes a perfect ingredient in hand lotion because it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.  It has a texture similar to our skin’s own oil, so it makes an excellent natural moisturizer. We use only the purest, high-grade oil to make sure it is packed with Vitamins E and A. These vitamins have had good effects on skin irritations like eczema and dermatitis and can improve skin circulation and encourage new cell growth. The result of using our natural hand and body lotion with this miracle ingredient is more supple skin.

Oatmeal and Rose- A Perfect Pair

Most people reach for a hand lotion or body lotion when their skin becomes dry and irritated. Our skin is exposed to a lot during the day: chemicals, UV rays, repeated washing, and more. That’s why we decided to add rose-infused oatmeal water to our lotion. Oatmeal water has antioxidants which can help fight free radicals and reduce the damage of daily life.Oatmeal is naturally anti-inflammatory and some dermatologists recommend it for treating itchy or irritated skin. Oatmeal lotion has a high protein content and is very emollient.  

We infuse our oatmeal water with rose to add a natural and beneficial fragrance. The pure, organic rose we use adds a sweet floral smell. Rose also has the potential to help the skin to synthesize Vitamin A. It also has the unique ability to make your skin more permeable, meaning that you can absorb more of the other nutrients in our natural lotion.

Natural Oils for Natural Healing

We have found the earth’s most hydrating and healing oils and butters to add to our natural body lotion. Sweet Almond Oil is both fragrant and nutritious for the skin. It is extremely mild and hypoallergenic and has more of those great Vitamins A and E. It invigorates the skin and promotes the growth of newly hydrated cells. It is said to penetrate deeply to the inner layers of skin for renewed growth and hydration.

Shea butter and glycerin are proven soothers in body lotion. All-natural shea butter contains the same moisturizing compounds produced by our own skin. It can help reduce free radicals in the skin to make skin brighter and healthier. Glycerin is a great oil for sensitive skins. Those with skin redness or irritation may benefit from glycerin’s ability to keep the skin’s natural water levels balanced. The result is beautifully hydrated and smooth skin. 

Sustainable, Responsible, and All-Natural

Perhaps one of the most popular skin care products on the market today is lotion. Companies have poured countless hours and millions of dollars into creating chemical concoctions meant to treat your dry skin. However, we believe that natural lotion is best for treating the body’s largest organ. It has all the benefits for your skin without any harmful effects. No natural lotion is better than Falls River Soap Company Hand and Body Lotion with Jojoba Oil. We’ve found all the best ingredients to moisturize and nourish your hands and body. Our lotion with oatmeal and oils will leave your skin happy and healthy without any greasy residue.

We care about your health as well as the  health of the planet, so we use a green manufacturing process. That’s why we never use harmful chemicals in our products (like dyes or fragrances). We sustainably source only the purest and highest-grade oils and butters. All of our ingredients are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free. All products are handmade with care because we want to make the world a better place. Not many cosmetic companies can say the same about their products.