Green Tea Soap

Reviewing green tea soap, and you see that the Western world seems to finally be catching up to many age-old Eastern health practices. Yoga is the preferred workout for many, and coffee is losing ground to green tea. Green tea does amazing things for the body, and the skin is no exception. There are literally dozens of ways that you can use green tea in your beauty routine- from using the tea itself to using tea leaves and tea bags. With Falls River Soap Company’s Green Tea Soap at the center of your get-pretty habits, you can treat your whole body to a green tea soap spa session. You’ll be feeling like Eastern royalty by the end of your green tea soap spa day. Keep reading to find out how.

Green Tea Soap

But First | The Benefits


Before we get into how to use green tea to get your whole body glowing, let’s talk about why this tea is so amazing. First, it is absolutely jam-packed with antioxidants. These are called catechins and they can help to revive tired skin cells. They work to break down the free radicals (chemicals and other pollutants) that work to damage skin cells. This means reduced wrinkles, sun damage, and age spots. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and basically anti-acne. All of this means that your skin looks younger and is protected from future damage. Sounds great to us!

Your Green Tea Soap Spa Treatment

You can get a special at-home green tea soap spa day in a few simple steps. Just make sure that you have about an hour (or more, if you like) set aside to do all the steps. You’ll be fighting acne, reducing the signs of aging, and energizing your mind and skin. Here’s how.

Brew some organic green tea. You’ll need four tea bags and about 3 ½ cups of tea for the rest of the steps. Once your tea has steeped for about 3 to 5 minutes, place the very strong and hot tea and the tea bags into the refrigerator to cool while you get your other steps going.

Make a facial cleansing gel. You’ll want to grab a bar of our Green Tea Soap and make a gel for your face. Get a grater and place 2 to 3 tablespoons of handmade soap shavings into a small container with a lid. Add drops of hot water a few at a time until a nice, gooey gel is made. Set aside for later. Keep the soap and grater handy.

Start your green tea soap soaking bath. Grab your tea bags and tea that you put in the fridge and put them near your bathtub. Gently break open two of the tea bags and place the contents in the bathtub with very warm water. Add a handful of our Green Tea Soap shavings and gently stir the tub to melt.

Start relaxing! Before you get in your bath, make sure your two remaining tea bags, a washcloth, your facial cleansing gel, your brewed green tea, and your Green Tea Soap are within reach. Then, immerse yourself in your amazing green tea bath. Let the refreshing scent of the green tea invigorate and relax you while you place the wet washcloth on your face. This will open up the pores. Next, apply some of your homemade soap cleansing gel to your cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose. Place the 2 cool tea bags on your eyes and lay back and relax for a few minutes. This facial treatment can reduce eye puffiness and help heal facial skin to help it look younger.

Get cleaned up. When you feel ready, gently rinse your face with some clean warm water. Then, use your washcloth and your green tea soap to get a nice lather on your whole body. Embrace the gentle exfoliation of the green tea soap and rinse gently.

Don’t forget your hair! You can definitely use our Green Tea Soap to clean your scalp and hair. It will help to get rid of excess oils and can help stimulate hair growth. Once you’ve washed your hair with the soap bar and rinsed it, use the cold, brewed green tea to rinse your hair. This will use the tea’s antioxidants to help promote growth and healing of your scalp and hair cells.

All done! Once you’ve rinsed your hair and body with clean, warm water, you are good to go. Because our green tea soap contains natural moisturizers like coconut oil, rice bran oil, and Shea butter, there’s no need to use a moisturizer afterward. Your skin can be deeply hydrated due to the vitamins and fatty acids in these natural oils. The natural glycerin in our soap works to trap that hydration and protect your skin from drying out. Likewise, there is no need for a facial toner. The green tea in our natural handmade soap already acted like a toner on your skin, so you can be done with your routine at this point.

Green Tea Soap - The Ultimate Skin Care Tool

While the green tea helps add to the spa day, our Green Tea Soap is the principal skin care tool. It contains everything your skin needs to be healthy. We’ve added pure, fresh brewed green tea to our handmade soap, along with green tea extract and essential oils, to give you the most potent tea power possible. Our cold-process method of soap making preserves the potency of the tea while creating the wonderful natural glycerin that nourishes the skin. That’s all we use - no chemicals, no preservatives, and nothing harsh. You’ll get the amazing antioxidant benefits of infamous green tea with the healthy hydration of our natural oils. Get a bar of our Green Tea Soap today and treat yourself to an Eastern-inspired spa day.