Best Dead Sea Mud Mask


The best Dead Sea Mud mask for your skin is made with Dead Sea Mud from Israel. People from all across the world travel to the shores of the Dead Sea just for a chance to smother the Dead Sea mud on their entire body and grab a handful to take home. Benefits reported include skin smoothing, detoxification, and reduced skin irritation. The natural minerals in the mud, which include magnesium, sodium, bromine, potassium, and calcium, can help to improve the skin’s circulation and relax the nerves in the skin. Because the minerals can increase blood flow, they can help to break up cellulite in the body.  Thus creating the Best Dead Sea Mud Mask for your rejuvenating your skin.

Best Dead Sea Mud Mask

If you want those effects, but can’t quite afford a trip across the globe right now, then this DIY Best Dead Sea Mud Mask Body Treatment is for you. This body treatment is a type of mask for your whole body. There are two ways you can do it: a simple body mask a la Falls River Soap or a full on body treatment wrap. Adding in the wrap part gives the mud more of a chance to interact at deeper levels of the skin. Either way, you’ll get the gentle exfoliating, detoxifying, and skin circulation-boosting benefits that you would expect from the best Dead Sea mud mask.


Best Dead Sea Mud Mask for the Body

Gather together your Dead Sea mud and water. If you are just doing spot treatments, then ¼ cup of Dead Sea mud should work. If you plan on doing a whole body treatment or wrap, then you’ll want 1 or 2 cups of mud for spreading on the entire body.

If you want to add an extra essential oil punch to help with tired or achy muscles and joints, then add 5 drops of lavender oil, 2 drops of rosemary oil, and 1 drop of peppermint oil to the mud mixture.

Heat up your Dead Sea mud in a microwave-safe dish until warm. To keep the mud warm during application, place it in a bowl of hot water or wrap a hot, wet dishtowel around it.

Apply the mud to your clean skin. Massage the mixture onto your skin using small circular motions to promote blood flow. Using your hands will reap some exfoliating benefits for the skin on your hands. You might also want to stand on an old towel during this step so that the mud doesn’t get all over the room.

Let the mud dry. This is the step that really helps pull all the toxins from your skin. The warmer and dryer the room, the more quickly your mud will dry. Don’t rush this step! Relax and enjoy it by sitting gently on a towel-covered chair until the mud is fully dry.

Rinse the soap using warm water. You may need to gently rub some dried mud off your skin using the water and your hands.

Enjoy your fresh and rejuvenated skin from your DIY Best Dead Sea Mud Mask.

Turn the Body Mask into a Body Wrap

Follow steps 1-4 above.

Before letting the mud dry, wrap yourself in an old sheet. Warning: the mud may stain the sheet, so make sure it’s not a sheet you love. You could also use some sort of plastic wrap instead of the old sheet. Next, place a warm blanket over the sheet or plastic and lay down. The best way to get the blanket warm is to pop it in the dryer prior to starting the whole body wrap process. The warmth will open your pores and allow the Dead Sea mud to work better.

Let the mud dry for about 30 minutes. Because of the layers, it may take longer to dry. Again, don’t rush this process! Lay down and relax while it dries.

Rinse the mud off using warm water.

Enjoy your deeply detoxified and smooth skin from your DIY Best Dead Sea Mud Mask.