DIY Coffee Body Wrap to Reduce Cellulite

If you want to lose pounds and inches naturally, then diet and exercise are of course the best bet. If you want to help speed that process along just a tad, then maybe you should try a body wrap. You can go to a spa and spend lots and lots of money on body wraps. Or, you can use a few things that you probably already have laying around in your kitchen to create an inexpensive body wrap right in your own home. The essential ingredient to a good body wrap is coffee. Coffee can help to tone the skin, smooth it out, protect it from further damage, and break up that tricky cellulite. Wrapping your body is what could help to lose an inch or two from the stomach, hips, and thighs.

Coffee ScrubThis particular coffee body wrap is a combination of techniques from The Indian Spot and Livestrong. It give you the double whammy of both a cellulite reducing coffee scrub and a fresh coffee soaked towel wrap.

Make the coffee soaked towels:

Gather ¾ cup finely ground coffee and add to a large crockpot. Bring 4 gallons of water to a boil in a large pot over high heat. Pour the boiling water into the crockpot with the coffee. Add 5 terry cloth dishtowels to the crockpot. Cover and let soak for 20 mins while you prepare the rest of the wrap.

Prepare the coffee scrub:

Use a slotted spoon to remove about 2 tbsp of the coffee grounds from the crock pot. Mix with 4 tbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp epsom salt, and 3 tsp of ground cinnamon. Mix well to evenly disperse ingredients.

Get your work area ready:

Lay down some newspaper or old towels in the room where you plan to do the wrap. Move your crockpot into the same area on top of the newspaper or towels. You’ll want a big enough area so that you can lay down while the wrap works.

Apply the scrub:

Use your hands to apply the homemade scrub in circular motions, starting at your ankles and working your way up. You may want to spend a few extra minutes massaging any cellulite-prone spots, such as the thighs and belly. You can do the entire body, including arms and neck, or you can do from the waist down. It just depends on where you want to focus your efforts.

Wrap it up:

Use the coffee soaked towels to wrap your body, starting with wherever you began applying the scrub. You want to press the towels as close to the skin as possible so that they are tight without feeling uncomfortable. You can place an additional warm blanket on top of the towels to help trap the heat. The heat is what allows the pores to open and let the coffee and other ingredients penetrate the skin.

Relax, then rinse:

Lay down and relax for about 30 to 45 minutes. Then remove the towels and rinse off in a warm shower to remove the scrub. You may apply an all-natural lotion after if you want extra moisture. Wash your towels and save them for your next coffee body wrap.