5 Fantastic Uses for Coffee Soap

Handmade Coffee Soap.  If it weren’t for coffee, the world would be such a dull place. It seems as though so many of us rely on that hot cup of java to kickstart our day and keep us going strong until night. Some studies have recently shown that the effects of drinking coffee is actually good for the body and can have some great benefits. For years, DIYers have been applying those pro-coffee principles to their skincare, too. Using coffee soap on your skin and hair to reap the anti-inflammatory and exfoliating benefits has never been easier. With Falls River Soap Company’s Coffee Bar Soap with Vanilla Cream, you can easily incorporate coffee into your daily skincare routine. Here are five ideas for using this natural coffee soap for your skin and hair.


1.   Cellulite Treatment

This has long been the popular use for those extra coffee grounds lying around. But why is coffee so good for cellulite reduction? The massaging of those trouble areas with a good exfoliant like coffee grounds helps to break up the fat cells. This makes it easier for the body to break down the fat and flush it from the body, resulting in fewer lumps and bumps. Our coffee soap uses organic ground coffee beans to give it great exfoliating power. Plus, with added moisturizers like Shea butter and natural glycerin, your skin won’t get chafed or irritated from all that rubbing.  Handmade offee soap, a natural exfoliant.

 Coffee Soap Falls River Soap

2.   Reduce Eye Circles and Puffiness

Part of the reason we might drink coffee is that we feel tired. If we look tired, we can’t drink coffee to get rid of those under eye circles, but we can put it on our skin to help our eyes look more awake. Putting coffee directly on the skin gives a quick solution for any dark circles or eye puffiness. But, since the skin around the eyes is super delicate, precautions must be taken when adding coffee to the area. Our handmade coffee soap contains fresh-brewed Colombian coffee with lots of caffeine. The caffeine in our coffee soap is what works to help reduce swelling and inflammation around the eyes to reduce puffiness. It stimulates blood flow to get rid of the extra blood that accumulates under the eyes and causes dark circles. We’ve added coconut oil to our coffee soap, too. This will make sure that the eye area stays gently hydrated and helps repair skin cells, so you won’t have to worry about damaging that delicate eye skin.

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3.   Eliminate Hand Odors in the Kitchen

You know when you are in the fragrance department of your favorite retail store and you see the containers of coffee beans lying around? This is because coffee can help to reset your olfactory nerves so that you can take in new scents. We can take that concept and apply it to skincare. Keeping some coffee soap in the kitchen can come in really handy for removing strong odors like onion, garlic, or fish. A good way to do this is to take our Coffee Soap and cut it into smaller cubes. You can always keep a small cube of our coffee soap next to the sink for those days when you are cooking pungent ingredients. The ground coffee in our soap will absorb the odors from your hands, all while keeping your hands clean and hydrated with natural oils and butter. Added bonus: the coffee grounds going down the sink will keep your drain smelling good, too!


4.   Clean the Scalp and Boost Hair Color

If coffee is great for your energy and your skin, what could it do for your hair? It makes an excellent scalp exfoliator. Excess oil, dirt and hair products can easily accumulate on the scalp and cause problems like damaged hair, dryness, and even dandruff. Since healthy hair begins at the scalp, keeping the scalp clean can result in beautiful locks. Our coffee soap has threefold benefits for the scalp: first, the coffee grounds exfoliate the scalp. Second, the fresh-brewed Colombian java gives caffeine to the scalp’s cells to stimulate growth and repair. Third, the coconut oil and rice bran oil in the coffee soap will hydrate the scalp and hair to give a great shine. As if making your hair healthy wasn’t enough, brewed coffee has the potential to give dark hair a color boost. Washing your hair and scalp with our all-natural coffee soap can help keep your color dark and shiny while making your hair and scalp healthy. Now that’s a win-win-win.


5.   Reduce Redness and Wake Up Skin Cells

We mentioned before that coffee helps to reduce pooled blood to get rid of dark circles. This concept works on the entire body, too. If you have red or irritated skin, our handmade coffee soap will help constrict the blood cells and reduce the amount of blood visible at the skin’s surface. This is great for dermatitis, eczema, or even rosacea on the face. That caffeine can also help to stimulate skin cells and increase circulation for brighter skin.


Try Our Coffee Soap with Vanilla Cream

Coffee soap has many uses and many great benefits. If you aren’t the creative type, simply use the coffee soap as your daily morning skin cleanser to wake up your senses and your skin. Our natural coffee soap has the strong scent of freshly brewed coffee with a touch of pure vanilla essential oil to give it a sweet aroma. We have made our soap by hand for over 12 years, and our cold-process soap making method makes for better soap than any bar you could find at the store. We believe in soap the way nature intended, with a splash of coffee for good measure. Try our Coffee Bar Soap with Vanilla Cream today and find out what a great natural coffee soap can do for you.