Brazilian Clay Soap Carnival

Think of our Brazilian Clay Soap like your own Carnival! People line the city streets for dozens of blocks. Those from both the richest neighborhoods and the poorest favelas stand shoulder to shoulder to see the spectacle. Bright colors, sparkle, and flash feed the eyes, while the ears feast on rhythmic drum beats and daring horn blasts.  


Performers dressed like rainforest creatures- shining, feathered, and exotic- dance with a primal passion. Smiles, cheers, and laughing are all around. Not a frown or a tear is to be seen. This is Carnival in Brazil. This wild and enchanting parade embraces all that is wonderful about Brazil - the luscious rainforest, the beautiful beaches, the bustling cities, and the sense of fun.  That’s asking a lot from a bar of Brazilian Clay Soap.

Brazilian Clay Soap

Carnival at Home?

This infamous parade has inspired Falls River Soap Company to make a Brazilian Clay soap. How could we possibly capture the fun of Carnival in a soap that contains all the natural Brazilian beauty benefits? We have finally created the ultimate Brazilian Clay Soap, and we’ve fittingly named it Carnival. The playful swirls of naturally colored Brazilian clay capture the fun of the festival, while the ingredients give your skin and gentle and luxurious clean. Here are three great reasons why you should use our Brazilian Clay Soap.

Get the Confidence of a Samba Performer

It takes a lot of confidence to dance down the street in a skin-baring costume in front of thousands. Brazilian Samba performers are bold and confident in their dances, and in their skin, too. Their skin always seems to be perfect. They don’t have acne, redness, flaking, or irritation. We’ve formulated our clay soap to give you the same results. Clay is a gentle, but deep exfoliator. It easily gets rid of dead skin cells to brighten the skin. Then we added natural coconut oil and Shea butter to add healing and moisture. The fatty acids will hydrate and protect your skin while the Vitamin E will help repair it at the cellular level. Simply use our Brazilian Clay soap and a washcloth to gently cleanse the entire body. You’ll be left with soft, smooth skin that will have you doing the samba in the shower.

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Encounter the Colors of the Rainforest

Just as the rainforests of Brazil are filled with bright colors that inspire Carnival, we’ve chosen a diverse color spectrum of all-natural Brazilian clays for our Brazilian Clay soap. Each clay has a different color due to the different areas it was mined in. Each color offers different mineral benefits:

  • Dark red: This clay gets its color from the abundant iron and copper. This clay helps to strengthen the elasticity of the skin. It also helps to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage. This makes it great for areas prone to early signs of thinning and aging, like the hands, neck, and face.  Use the clay soap daily for best results.

  • Green: Green Brazilian clay is volcanic in origin and has lots of silicates, similar to Bentonite. This makes it helpful for oily or acne-prone skin. This type of clay is particularly good at drawing out the oil from the pores. People who use this clay notice that their skin will stay cleaner and fresher for a longer time. It is gentle enough to treat both body and facial acne problems.

  • Gold: Clay with gold pigments is high in potassium, which aids in the skin's ability to exchange ions. This means that it could help your skin to open up and receive the good ingredients in our Brazilian Clay soap while getting rid of dirt and toxins. Also, it is known to help cleanse the scalp and hair to keep it healthy, so you could use our clay soap as a hair mask by washing the hair with it once per week.

  • White: This clay looks pure with its bright white pigmentation, which is fitting because it can help to purify the skin. It is packed with detoxifying silicon that pulls all of the bad stuff out of the pores. It also deposits minerals back into the skin and hair for a fresh glow on the entire body.

  • Blue: Blue clay helps the skin look younger by depositing back magnesium. It promotes cell maintenance to help cells protect against impurities. Since it helps with anti-aging and protecting the skin, it makes for a great morning face wash. Simply cut the bar of our Brazilian Clay soap into smaller cubes to make face washing easier.

Escape to a South American Spa

Brazil treats the nose to a variety of scents not common in the US. Brazilian spas use these sensual aromatics as part of their relaxation and invigoration systems. We chose fennel, lavender, and patchouli essential oils to fragrance our artisanal handmade clay soap. These oils can help to treat dryness, inflammation, and skin aging. The scents are designed to help you feel peaceful and happy. One whiff of our Brazilian Clay soap and all your troubles will melt away.


To capture the benefits of the clay, natural oils, and the pure essential oils and get a South American spa experience, you could make a Brazilian clay soap mask from our natural soap. Simply use a grater to shred a small amount of clay soap into a small jar. Add drops of hot water a few at a time while stirring until it reaches a gel-like consistency. Place the clay gel on the face and let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse and pat dry. You’ll feel relaxed and your skin will feel rejuvenated.


Brazilian Clay Soap Party for Your Skin

The colors and fragrances of our Carnival Brazilian Clay Soap will treat your senses and your skin. This playful clay soap can gently exfoliate and cleanse impurities from the skin while healing and deeply hydrating. Our natural, handmade soap features pure and high-quality ingredients that just can’t be found in many store-bought products. It’s free of preservatives or chemicals and made the old-fashioned way for the utmost potency. Try our Carnival Brazilian Clay Soap today and add a little Carnival flare to your skincare routine.