Bay Rum Soap | Comfort of the Caribbean

Bay Rum Soap reminds you that there’s nothing quite like a Caribbean vacation. The white sand beaches, the breeze through the palm trees, and the local cuisine are like no other. If only we could experience such relaxing bliss every day. While we might not be able to travel to the Caribbean every day, you can transport your senses there with Falls River Soap Company’s Bay Rum Soap. This handmade soap is filled with natural coconut oil, beer, and bay rum essential oil. The smells will transport you to a sunny island, while your skin will be fresh and hydrated with tropical softness. It will be the most luxurious cleaning your skin has ever experienced!

Bay Rum Beer Soap 

Bay Rum Soap the Best in Natural Soaps

Our soaps are special because each and every bar has been crafted by hand. Each bar is made using the cold-process method and aged for up to 6 weeks so that it can give your skin the maximum benefits. As for our Bay Rum Soap, most of the ingredients benefit both skin and hair, so you can easily use this product as a shampoo/conditioner/body soap combo. No need for separate fancy products to get hydrated, smooth skin and silky, strong hair that you want. Our great Bay Rum Soap can do it all.


An Exotic Fragrance Straight from the Tropics

Bay Rum Essential Oil is what gives our natural Bay Rum Soap it’s invigorating, spicy scent. It is said to open the senses and increase energy. We also use Crisp Anjou Pear essential oil and lemon peel to add the tropical island scent.

Bay Rum Soap is great for both the skin and hair. It’s excellent for cleaning bacteria from the skin and it leaves a lasting scent. It’s also at the core of many natural remedies to treat and prevent hair loss. It can help to promote hair growth by stimulating blood flow to the scalp. It can also be used as a natural treatment for dandruff since Bay Rum Soap has astringent properties.

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Benefits of a Beer Soap

Beer may seem like a strange soap ingredient, but beer is so much more than a tasty beverage! The yeast in beer has benefits for hair, like tightening the hair follicle and removing dirt and oil. The pH of beer helps to keep your skin at a neutral pH level to prevent breakouts. Adding beer to hair makes hair shiny and smooth, and some hair stylists even claim that it can help to repair damaged hair. This is most likely due to the pantothenic acid, protein, and B vitamins that beer contains.

Beer soap is beneficial because beer is actually abundant in vitamins and minerals that your skin craves. Brewer’s yeast has long been a popular natural supplement to help with skin and hair health. It contains biotin, Vitamin B12, riboflavin, potassium, iron, and protein. These nutrients can be the foundation of healthy skin cells. The yeast in beer can also help treat acne by slowing the production of oils in the pores, therefore reducing the amounts of breakouts.

Some people have also reported benefits from soaking in a detoxifying beer bath. Our Bay Rum Soap with Beer makes the base for a fantastic DIY Bay Rum Soap with Beer Bubble Bath. Use this recipe to soak your skin and hair in our beer soap and reap all the skin-boosting benefits.

DIY Bay Rum Soap Bubble Bath


1 quart very warm water
1 4-ounce bar Falls River Soap Company Bay Rum Soap with Beer
2 ounces liquid vegetable glycerin

Use a grater to grate the entire bar of Bay Rum Soap with Beer into a dish towel
Dump the Bay Rum Soap shavings into the bowl of very warm water until mostly dissolved (some small pieces may remain undissolved, this is normal)
Slowly mix in the vegetable glycerin until well mixed
Pour into a closable container for future use
When it’s time to use the bubble bath, just give your container a gentle shake before adding ½ cup to your bath. Then simply soak in the beer soap’s frothy goodness and see your skin glow!


Oils and Butters to Better Your Skin

Part of the secret to our Bay Rum Soap’s success is the pure, all-natural oils and butters that we add. We’ve chosen each oil for each and every soap formula. We look at the benefits of these natural soap products on your skin, like cleansing, softening, and protecting. We use Shea butter, coconut oil, and castor oil in our Bay Rum Soap. These oils contain nutrients that help your skin fight damage and retain moisture. This means that our soap won’t dry your skin out. Also, it gives excellent lubrication so it can even be used for shaving.

Natural glycerin is the main reason why we make our soaps the way we do. We create our artisanal soaps in a way that maximizes the natural glycerin created during the soapmaking process. Glycerin is an age-old soother of sensitive skin. It’s a deep moisturizer that can help skin to maintain it’s own water levels, keeping skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

Better Results from a Natural Soap

Our Bay Rum Soap is the real deal. We’ve picked only high-quality and organic ingredients for our handmade soap. Our versatile Bay Rum soap has a lasting, alluring scent that is pungent without being overpowering. Unlike many store bought brands, our ingredients are better for you and better for the planet. Give our soap a shot today and see how a natural beer soap can make your skin and hair healthy!