Bamboo and Lilac Blossoms Soap & Green Tea Soap Set

Our Bamboo and Lilac Blossoms Soap is perfect for giving your skin a gentle exfoliation with antioxidant properties. The moisturizers in this soap will keep that newly-buffed skin nice and soft. Plus, the natural essential oils, including lilac and bamboo, give it a sweet and lovely smell to rival that of any other lilac soap or bamboo soap. Everyday can be an at-home spa day that fights skin aging and dryness naturally.

Our Green Tea Soap has only the finest and most potent green tea. It is a powerful antioxidant that will clean your skin while fighting away free radicals. Aging or dry skin will be instantly refreshed. Your skin be soft and glowing. Add in our all-natural oils and butters and your skin will be healthier than ever.

Falls River Soap Company now offers two of its best soaps in one great soap set: the Bamboo and Lilac Blossoms Soap and Green Tea Soap. Want to know what makes these best-selling soaps so magnificent? Read on.

Bamboo Lilac Blossom SoapGreen Tea Soap

Bamboo Powder

Bamboo is said to be an excellent exfoliator. It is dense enough to help get rid of dead skin cells, but its texture is often more fine and silky compared to other natural exfoliators. This makes it a skincare secret weapon in our Bamboo and Lilac Blossoms Soap.

Because it is ground so fine, it makes it easier for the skin to absorb the nutrients it contains. Bamboo powder can add minerals back to the skin because of it’s natural silica, making it more luminous and healthy than before. People with sensitive skin have benefited from bamboo soap because it helps clean and soften your skin without adding redness or irritation. Bamboo is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, so you can rest assured that your skin will remain clear and calm.

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Lilac and Bamboo Essential Oils

We only use natural fragrances from essential oils here at Falls River. These natural fragrances not only smell amazing, but they have positive effects on the human body! Lilac oil can help calm the skin and prevent irritation. Add in the fact that it smells like the freshest spring day, and this lilac soap makes for a soothing bathtime experience. Bamboo oil is so beneficial for skin because can work as an antioxidant by stopping free radicals that can harm the skin. It also adds to the lovely scent of our natural soap.

Green Tea Extract

People in Asia have been using green tea for centuries because of it’s antioxidant benefits. When it comes to skin, green tea soap is said to have the ability to improve complexion, fight skin aging, treat breakouts, and give skin a fresh glow. It may even improve hair growth and make hair shiny! Our natural Green Tea Soap is made only with fresh brewed Green Tea so it contains all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals of green tea in their most potent forms.

All-Natural Oils and Butters

You might be wondering what makes our soap so nourishing. All of our soaps are handmade with natural oils and butters, like coconut oil, rice bran oil, and shea butter.

Coconut oil is one of the most popular natural moisturizers, and for good reason. It is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, it’s natural fats help skin retain its moisture, and it is loaded with Vitamin E to help repair skin and keep it looking fresh.

Rice bran oil is less well-known, but it can still have great benefits. It has similar moisturizing properties to coconut oil, like natural fats and Vitamins E and B. These oils are absorbed easily by the skin and won’t worsen oily skin types.

Finally, we add all-natural shea butter to our handmade soaps. This beauty powerhouse contains the same moisturizing compounds produced by our own skin. Plus, it’s loaded with Vitamin A, which can help fight skin irritations like eczema and dermatitis. It has lots of Vitamin E to help keep skin gorgeous by improving skin circulation and fighting those harmful free radicals.

Try Our Skin-Saving Soap Set

Go take a look at your current soap. Does it even say soap on the package? Chances are, if you bought the soap at your local grocery store, it won’t even be labeled as soap. The “beauty bars”, “moisturizing bars”, and even “body wash” that your purchase isn’t really soap, it’s more of a chemical detergent for your body. Sound like something you want to be using every day? That’s why natural soap is the best option for your skin. Finding a great handmade, natural soap that can be used on body, face, and even hair is your best bet for getting a great glow. It has zero chemicals and contains only beneficial ingredients.

Your skin will thank you for giving it the gentle but effective cleansing and moisturizing benefits found only in natural soap. Falls River Soap Company makes soap the way our ancestors did- by mixing lye and water with moisturizing oils, gentle exfoliators, essential oils, and other good stuff. Then, the soap is poured into molds and cured until it is ready to be used. No factories, no chemicals- just soap the way nature intended it to be.